Current home base: Mountain View, California

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256_bird_origami_news_social_media_flat_iconWater Origami is my photo blog (phlog? plog? pog? … I think Pog) about paddle boarding, being outdoors and community projects.

I’m not a crazy, mind-blowing adventurer. Just your average Joe who likes to get out and about on weekends. Not sponsored although I think North Face should start sponsoring weekend warriors more … am I right?!

I’m originally from Australia although I’ve been traveling since I left University, living in different places like the UK, US, Singapore and Australia. Luckily my work allows me to live in different countries for a time. My gran is constantly telling me to stop moving.

I used to like hammocks until the rope snapped on a hammock I was using and I fell onto my concrete balcony, landing on my right elbow. It’s funny now. It sucked then.

I like trying new things. I get bored otherwise. I shouldn’t really watch documentaries or movies about adventuring because each time, I get the ‘ants in the pants’ to go out and do what the documentary showed.

I’m definitely not a specialist in any-one-thing. I’m more of a tinkerer. I think that’s why I’ve moved around a lot and tried a few different paths – it’s hard to sit still when there’s so much awesone-ness around.

I think that about covers it. I hope you like this blog and have a sunny day.